Saturday, May 02, 2009

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand

Here's an edited bit of text about and including quotes form Shepard Fairey (Obey) that we found interesting and gives a good background to Shepard and his work if you still haven't heard of him. Original text an be found here (best give them a mention).

Now the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston has organized the first museum exhibit of Fairey’s art. The exhibit of screen prints, stencils, stickers, illustrations and works on wood, metal and canvas showcases Fairey’s favourite subjects: portraits of countercultural revolutionaries, politicians, mainstream heroes and punk, rap and rock musicians.

All of the art appears in Fairey’s signature style of black, red and off-white graphics, which samples and recycles motifs from the Russian Revolution, Mao’s China and W.P.A. propaganda posters. There’s also a nod to Andy Warhol’s portrait art. The work is often multilayered and collaged with wallpaper patterns, stock certificates, stamps and the like. Given Fairey’s primary reputation as a street artist, the big surprise is encountering these labor-intensive pieces in person and discovering how drop-dead beautiful they are.

The night of his ICA opening, Fairey was picked up by the police for his citywide campaign of urban graffiti (condoned by the institute as part of the exhibit). Simultaneously, several prestigious art critics chastised him for losing his “street cred” by agreeing to design Saks Fifth Avenue’s windows and shopping bags in New York City. And he is being sued for abuse of the “fair use” copyright law by Mannie Garcia, the freelance photojournalist who took the original HOPE photograph of Obama in 2006 while the latter was listening to Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas at a conference.

None of this seems to intimidate Fairey. He has been arrested more than a dozen times in his career for invading environments with his posters and street art. From the start, he unabashedly worked as an independent designer for corporate clients. He’s now countersuing Garcia, explaining that he found the unidentified photo on the Web.

Fairey’s work operates at the intersection of beauty, politics and advertising, producing a collision of ideas and imagery. He’s an artist who believes there are issues worth advancing, and he’s not afraid to use visual pleasure for politically seductive purposes. More unforgivable in the art world is the populist appeal of his art, which is something that always makes the intellectual powers-that-be suspicious.
Fairey writes in his museum catalog that early on, he was adamant that “people should not submit to any attempts to herd and manipulate them.” At age 19, while a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, he began making black-and-white stickers of the deceased wrestler Andre the Giant, whom he admired for having overcome adversity. He pasted them around town as a lark.

“I was having such a good time putting up the stickers,” he writes, “and in doing so I observed some interesting sociological phenomena. … The way I interpreted it, people become numb to their environment, and they need certain experiences to snap them out of their trance. … I felt that people didn’t really question things and thus allowed themselves to be manipulated by advertising and other social structures, and the idea of phenomenology, reawakening a sense of wonder about one’s environment, seemed to be the effect that my stickers had been having.”
He concluded that his sticker campaign fostered significant dialogue.

Soon Fairey began adding the word “OBEY” to his posters. Once again, he seemed to question people’s robotic behavior. Since then, by his own count he has made 2.5 million stickers, 45,000 posters and thousands of spray paint stencils of subjects such as terrorism and environmental destruction.

Among Fairey’s most inspired artworks are his album covers and music posters, corporate efforts that help pay for his street art. “No matter how much I love art,” he once wrote, “or try to convince myself of its relevance in society, the fact remains that music is a lot cooler and way more able to reach people’s hearts and minds."

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Boom Monk Ben - Aint He Swell - Podcast

Podcasts are starting to dry up now, you may have noticed last weeks and this have no mention of us and that has been purposely done. We are still wait to here news if we have to change our name so we are not wanting to promote TUS ( now active) is we have to start using the new name and has we could change on any day there's no point having loads of podcasts with TUS ( now active) all over them so, we sit and wait. We'll try and keep the podcasts fresh whilst we are waiting but we have told all our people to stop the TUS ( now active) one's for now. Anyway here's Boom Monk Ben - Aint He Swell, back again.

1. Mooquee - Polar Crunk (Good Groove)
2. Leisure Allstars - How We Roll feat The Good People (Substatic Remix) (Leisure)
3. South Rakkas Crew - Mad Again (Mad Decent)
4. Santogold - Say A-Ha (Tepr Remix) (Atlantic)
5. Heatwave - Things Change feat Warrior Queen (DJ C Remix) (Soul Jazz) 6. Jokers Of The Scene - Juggle It (Fools Gold) 7. CLP - Party Hardy feat Yo! Majesty (Shitkatapult)
8. A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts - Happiness (Finger Lickin)
9. Jon Ohms - King Of The Boots (Unreleased)
10. James Brown - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (DJ Ayers Remix) (Unreleased)
11. DJ TaMeiL - Bump Like This (Unruly)
12. Boy 8 Bit - The Cricket Scores
Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Acapella) (Skint)
13. Tittsworth - Broke Ass N*gga (DJ Assault Remix) (Plant Music)
14. Rob 3 - The Chase (Mad Decent)
15. Thunderheist - Jerk It (Big Dada)
16. The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (Subscape Dub) (Ninja Tune)
17. Mix n Blend - Tantrum feat Sfr and Ej Von Lyrik (Unreleased)
18. Magnetic Man - The Cyberman (Unreleased)
19. SFR - Kwaito Mandla (Unreleased)
20. Schlachthofbronx - Good To Go (Unreleased)
21. 6Blocc - Never Scared (Unreleased)

Boom Monk Ben - Aint He Swell link takes you to the podcast forum

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


UK Runnings has been one of the leading mixtape series for home-grown Hip-Hop since 2001. In 2009 we have seen Tricksta up his grind with a release of a number of quality tapes including a mixtape with Big Narstie ‘The Big Man Returns’ as well as his double CD collaboration with Lunatrix from HHB Radio entitled ‘Flying The Flag’. Also Tricksta started a few new volumes, one of them being ‘The Digital Revolution’ a FREE download mixtape series to help and promote home-grown acts to the MP3 community.

‘The Digital Revolution’ (sponsored by SturbanClothing) (now rebranded series started three days after Tricksta’s birthday on February 18th 2009 when he dropped the first volume hosted by long-time friend and business partner and talented rapper LATE. The response to this was huge so Tricksta promised to drop them on a regular basis so here we are on 11th April 2009 and the second volume is here.

This time your host for the proceedings is talented London rapper M9 from the Triple Darkness camp. He set the underground on fire after the release of his superb album ‘144,000’ which features Jehst, Bronze Nazerth and production from Jon Phonics, Beat Butcha and Creamo. On the mix M9 gives up some unreleased material as well as hosting the proceedings which include tracks from the cream of the UK scene.


01 - M9 - Intro
02 - M9 - Lost Children (Animal Instinct)
03 - Iron Braydz - Hang
04 - Stylah - Scarface
05 - Skandal - Buckets Of Tears
06 - Kyza Smirnoff - 2 Nang
07 - M9 Feat Exodus - Ghost Spell
08 - Grit Grammar - Digital Exclusive
09 - Joker Star Feat Dark Angel - Bring The Arms
10 - Manny Moscow - Get To Know
11 - LATE - UK H.U.S.T.L.E.R
12 - Smiler - I Get It In
13 - Sonnyjim - On All Cylinders
14 - Dynamite - Mill aka 5 Mill
15 - 10Shott - Comic Book Thug
16 - Streetz - Hmmmm.... (Prod by Tricksta)
17 - Big V - Smile
18 - Haka Presents Big Cakes, Logic & Kalldean - All Luv
19 - OC Jigga - Ride Til Infinity (Prod by Beat Thief)
20 - M9 - Outro


Also make sure you get the first volume too hosted by LATE.

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Streetz from Bristol

Where are you from and what was it like growing up there?
I'm from London, but I've lived between London and Bristol really, Bristol's a lot like London just much smaller, when ' was younger I found London kinda boring, I never had as much freedom up there as a kid.

How did you get your name and is there a story behind it?

Streetz is in the Streetz and its just that alone really!

Was there a situation or a person who inspired you to rap?

My pops always encouraged me to do my music, but i guess i was inspired to start rapping when I first heard the "Showbiz and Ag" "Goodfellas" album, my bredren came over from America and he had all these cd's and tapes, that was really when i knew what I wanted to be around.

Tell us about your latest release.
"Handle ya Buisiness" is the 21 track mix-tape showing people what I'm about really.
It's free to download online, presented by Tricksta and Uk Runnings to promote my
mix-tape 'Bootleg This' which is already manufactured and will be in stores very soon!!

What do you prefer; playing live, recording in the studio or battling?
Recording in the studio right now, but playing live is high up on the list, as long as the new material is ready to promote I'm good!

How would you describe your personality?

Sub-timed, nah jokes, driven, I guess I'm quite a fast moving person!

What do you enjoy doing the most?

Recording new music!

What’s your favourite clothing label?
Lrg or Famous Stars and Straps!

Do you ever buy clothes or music on-line?
Not really, but I seen a few things on sturban clothing still!

What is your favourite record shop and why?

These day's Juno's kinda good still for getting a wide range of music online but Scenario or Deal Real back then for what they were on!

With so many artists out there, what are you doing different to get heard?
Giving music away for the mixtape, interviews, sponsorships
whatever can get me out there right now!

Now is your chance to get something off ya chest! Anything getting you down or any opinions you need to voice?
Life's what you make it so don't sit around!

Okay, before you go please give us you’re My Space details.


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Adam Bach founder of The Originators Talks

Adam Bach, the founder of urban clothing label, “The Originators”, caught up with SoJonesTV and dished out some of the line’s upcoming collection for Fall ’09. The Originators pays homage to 80’s urban, graffiti and hip hop stars by featuring authentic 80’s designs and references on their menswear and accessories.

Adam wants The Originators to grow organically, just like the hip hop movement itself. The Originators is currently honoring Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, the Cold Crush Brothers, “Love Bug” Starski, GrandWizzard Theodore, Grand Master Caz, Prince Whipper Whip, DJ Disco Wiz, Wanda Dee, and Writers, Tracy 168 and Taki 183.

You can check out the video here Adam Bach

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ucon Acrobatics

Ucon the concrete acrobats, there's been some confusion in the past as we always say Ucon the Skateboard company and we get told no Ucon are inline skaters not skatebaorders but we're more interested in the clothing they produce and once again we have the best ucon has to offer some cool t-shirt design, nice mock leather belts and a really cool hooded jacket that feels like paper. So Inliners or Skateboarders? It's Ucon Acrobatics.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Matix Euro Skate Vid

Matix have released a Skateboard video of their european tour, it's in some weird format so you will have to visit their site to view it but hey it's easter you've nothing better to do and we're feelin' generous here's a link Matix Invade Europe

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Another SNOOk Podcast

ok time to weird out some some heavy bassline wobble from our resident basshead SNooK.

Milli Dub Direct Feed
abZ - Cold Heat abZ
The Deep South Doctor J
NaNaNaNaNaNa Fish Finger
BMC (Dread Foxx Remix) - Born BMC and Dread Foxx
Radar - Sukh Knight Remix Riz MC
abZ - Pusher abZ
Township Funk - TRG Remix DJ Mujava
Transaction - Original Mix Sub Scape
Thoughts from my Past Rumblejunkie
Agnus Dei - Original Mix Eskmo
White Collar Grime - Original Mix Mistabishi
In The Death Car - Original Mix 16Bit
Jetski (Original Mix) Eskmo
I Like What I See (Joker mix) The Body Snatchers
Dem Na Like Me feat. Wiley - Subscape Dub The Qemists, Wiley
Mr Chips - Original Mix Rusko
California Style Babylon System and Antiserum
Il Dire - Mac Koall Remix Twisted, Redemption
Swagga (kromestar Remix) F-one
Steppin Worldwide - Original Mix Cardopusher
6 Million Wayz Downlink
March Of The Sadist - Original Mix Rumblejunkie
Wha-La-La-Leng feat. Face-T - Original Mix Ghislain Poirier
Y All Ready Satori and Channel 2
Well Jackson Doctor J
Chai Tyrant
Thoughts from my Past Rumblejunkie
I Like What I See (Joker mix) The Body Snatchers
End Dub (DZ Remix) Woogie
Next Hype (Vocal) Tempa T
California Style Babylon System and Antiserum
Street Sound Noah D and Roommate
Mo Fire F-one and Kromestar

AS always you have to go and join our forum to listen but as we say we dont use that information we just ask you to join in the hope you will leave a few messages or partake in the banter that goes on there sNOOk Podcast

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

The LAST UrbanShop podcast

Yes people it's the LAST UrbanShop podcast but don't fret it will be back next week under a new name, or it could be back next week under the same name knowing us as work that needs doing may not get done.

So What's this rambling all about? As you may or may not know we are having to change our name yet again, first it was headstrong and now SturbanClothing but for legal reasons out of our control we have got to change it, you can read full story here. We are not giving out our new name yet but we have a name, have bought up domains, ran it by our solicitors and done new logos, just need to swap the domain online and when that is done we will let you know not no fear has there will be a redirect so you can use the old url.

So the last TUS podcast is a CD we sponsored SturbanClothing called Digital Revolution Volume One – Hosted by LATE and tracklisting will follow but first I want to add that next week ALL old podcasts and archived radio shows will be deleted so if there's any you want to download get them now and, we are making this list open to all comers so they can get a feel for what we have been doing and what will follow with the name change so have a listen to the over 50 hours of podcasts and download the ones you like to your hard drive because next week they are gone for good.

01 - LATE - Intro
02 - LATE - Old Skool Bre
03 - KYZA - Dey Know
04 - SUPAR NOVAR - My Life
05 - JYAGER - Hopin'
06 - DABBLA - The Title (Prod. by MISS TOFELEES)
07 - TB - Living Proof
08 - LATE - Everyday
10 - M9 - Elijah
11 - IRONBRAYDZ - Death Machine
12 - BIG CAKES - Money Talks
13 - KING P FEAT YOGI - Won't Stop
14 - LATE - Something To Believe In
16 - SKANDAL - Home Economics (Prod. by BEAT BUTCHA)
17 - KULEZ - Smell The Tea
18 - FATHOMLESS - Imagine
19 - DEBONAIR - Lockdown
20 - LATE - Outro (Prod. by TRICKSTA)



Dot TV

A couple of new videos add to a 36 min mixtape with skateboard footage from Zoo York MixTape 2Unbreakable the other shows Dirty Smart Clothing Label accompanied by some Electro House backing.

Yeah we just stole I mean collected these from YourTube but we are trying to get all SturbanClothing associated videos along with some exclusives all in one place so feel free to join up make friends, form groups, upload you favs and be part of the biggest growing network in the UK (maybe). BTW we do not use any information you leave on .tv for any purpose what so ever so we aint marketing to you, passing you details on, even worse selling you details,or using them in any way or form that we can think of. SAFE

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Zoo York video - "State Of Mind"

We have just uploaded the 2nd trailer for the full length Zoo York skateboard video - "State Of Mind". The full length Zoo York Video will have it's World Premiere June 4th 2009. Music by Mr. Green off the album - "Green Future".

Feel free to go over to, join and upload your favourte vids along with the rest of the crew.

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