Friday, May 02, 2008

Beating the Credit Cash Crunch

Doomed we’re all doomed I can just see it now the old geezer from Dad’s Army and that’s what the news is like but why? Well there’s one simple answer GREED. US banks lending money to people who cannot afford it and the lenders defaulting on their loans. Then we have the big world banks investing their residuals in these US stocks and so the greed of the US banks has lead to a world slump but wait it’s only a slump if you are a borrower and lets face it we’re young, free and single without a care in the world.

If you tell somebody the same thing over and over and it’s widely covered people will start believing it a bit like the Salem Witch Trials were a simple story got out of hand and 150 were arrested and imprisoned but it’s not doom and gloom.

Hey summers on the way here in the UK it’s getting warmer, there’s blossom n the trees and the bank holidays and the long hot summer days are just around the corner where you can sit outside the pub looking cool in ya board shorts and t-shirt purchased when the pubs shut and there’s nothing better to do of course from sturban clothing, well we can dream.

100% of the urban clothes and street wear items on sturban clothing are cheaper than all 4 big supermarkets put together and we’ve taken a leaf outta their books and created a little graphic but we don’t go so far as to name each other.

So are you looking for some tips on how to beat and cash crunch or even just looking for a few pointers on how to saving a few bob (that’s 5p now days) when out clothes shopping

Price you see on sturban clothing are fully inclusive we have seen other sites that split the VAT up and the pricing looks cheap but to be honest that is very deceitful as they are a retail site just like sturban clothing and they like us will be supplying private individuals mainly in the European Union and all of these people have to pay VAT it’s only people outside the EU ie the USA or certain exempt territories such as The Channel Islands that are VAT exempt. So very naughty to split the VAT off a, but make sure the price you are seeing is the price you will be paying which leads us nicely to out next tip

Free shipping on sturban clothing we offer worldwide free shipping and this can save you a lot of cash, just last week we sent a parcel to Australia and looking at the options one came out at over £80 we did get it cheaper thankfully we don’t get many of those.

Here’s a great tip and we started out clothing Auctions after a number of months clear oddments on E-Bay and not seeing any loyalty to sturban clothing so we thought why not advertise our auction only to sturban clothing visitors and let them benefit from the huge saving going on there. So we built sturban clothing Auction section and it’s been rocking for years. We always start items off at a price that we are willing to accept and as always the price you see is the price you pay on added vat, shipping or nastiness at the shopping cart. In the auctions you will find allsorts of clothing goodies from t-shirts to jackets from jeans to hoods and from some of the companies we stock on a regular basis like Addict, Dope Alphanumeric and Zoo York and some we don't, like Maharishi, Stussy, and Triple 555 Soul.

Sale items, does this need explaining? We have some real saving on brands that we have said goodbye to and are just wanting to clear what’s left over off the site check out Addict, One True Saxon and Fenchurch for starters.

FREE stuff there’s always a free giveaway on site, we have a weekly updated Podcast, find it in the forums, all we ask on the podcasts is that you become a member of the forums and maybe post now and again. And lastly if you sign up for the newsletter (by enter the free giveaway) you will receive updates on stock but also the odd discount voucher.

If you have any extra tips have save a fortune shopping at sturban clothingor comments why not post them.

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