Saturday, August 16, 2008

Buying Clothing from Urban Outfitters

If your looking for an urban outfitters best know your terms and be sure you don’t get too confused or hung up on what they are calling streetwear, urban wear, hip hop clothing or whatever the new term is. Enter the mysterious world of the urban outfitters and their terminology at your peril and with a large dose of salt (where does that phrase come from).

Urban clothing fashion is constantly in change but it still instantly allows you to recognise a cultural group within an urban city and this is not a new phenomenon ie skinheads in 1969, or teddy boys in the 50’s. Streetwear has become a general term for any kind of fashion developed in an urban environment aka on the street, instead of in some fashion design house for sale in many of the urban outfitters.

Traditional urban street wear evolved from the inner cities of New York, London, Tokyo and other majors. Common aspects of traditional street wear include sneakers, baggy jeans, and darker colours but regional trends such as London’s Nu Rave scene do buck this trend.

Hip hop fashion, developed in the 80’s, as one type of urban clothing, often confused with traditional street wear, as urban outfitters often sell this kind of clothing alongside each other, developing and sometimes confusing the idea of street wear.

So when you are referring to street wear, some may assume you are talking about the traditional idea. Urban wear has been influenced strongly by the attitude and art found in the cities that it has developed in. In places like New York and Detroit, you will find urban wear that draws heavily from graffiti art as a source of inspiration. On the west coast, hip hop can be cited as a major influence of fashion, and Japan has games and anime to thank for much of it’s urban fashion. So street wear is a broad ideal, is a worldwide trend and is multi-fasicited but you can bet whatever the trend you will find it in your local urban outfitters.

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