Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mada Spring 08 Delivery

It’s great working with Mada they have kept the brand core with their Skate, Surf and music sponsorships and built it amongst the shops that have supported them since day one even though they have had big orders from clothing shops and internet sites that want to jump onboard now they see it successful and selling but were not prepared to take the chance and support Mada when it first set up in the UK. Along side that goes the fact that Mada have supported us the retailers by stcking with us and at sturban clothing by supporting our UrbanShop / UkRunnings mixtapes (given away free with all Mada purchases on sturban clothing).

So what’s new in? Some very strong t-shirt designs, last seasons were strong and they introduced the more fitted mixed cotton cut which we are stocking again this season. Mada Jeans are something we have stocked since day one not many outlet in the UK do them so they are kinda hard to get hold off for you the customer but Mada have kept the price of the denim low, to be honest, and all styles are roughly the same price so you can get a lot for your money if you pick wisely and we do. Also in this season caps and belts which always fly out and some nice jackets check out the Peace a jacket come over shirt.



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