Friday, March 21, 2008

sturban clothing Podcast Group

Always lookin' at new ways of interacting and getting the message of what we are about so now check out our podcasts some have been done by me and include the music I listen to but we don't want it to be all about us so we are letting almost anybody that wants to do a podcast a place to get them heard and out there so it's my and sturban clothing customerspodcasts. So where do you come in?

We are looking for 2 things

Drops: we need something along the lines "hi this is me from here and I shop at sturban clothing" but you can freestyle it

podcasts: if you wanna do one why not promote what you listen to your band and their influences, your night and the music it plays anything. So far we've had us, Tricksta from UkRunnings, Miss Represent doing a d&b mix and currently there's a podcast themed around war. We do have a dubstep night and a d&b recording label both doing casts as we speak

So wanna listen or comment check it

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