Sunday, June 29, 2008

The World Music Podcast

a world music podcast from Redfirewalker don't forget Red does not work for us in fact he's not even a customer, he just likes the music and the site, so if you feel inclined why not do the same and put together of your favourite music for sturban clothing world to listen to.

think this is the correct tracklisting

01 Yasmin Levy / Kondja Mia, Kondja Mia (My Rosebud, My Rosebud)
02 Mor Karbasi / Fuego
03 Awadi / Sunugaal
04 Queen Ifrica / Daddy
05 Etran Finatawa / Asistan
06 Justin Adams, with Juldeh Camara / Ya Ta Kaaya
07 Mombasa / Al Rahman
08 Orchestre Super Jheevs Des Paillotes / Ye Nan Lon An
09 Bola Johnson & His Easy Life To Pbeats / Buroda Mase
10 Rev. Gary Davis / If I Had My Way
11 Brethren of the Free Spirit / In Him is No Sin - Brethen of the Free Spirit
12 Ghost Bees / Vampire of the West Coast
13 The Carolina Chocolate Drops / Little Margaret
14 Tift Merritt / My Heart Is Free
15 Devotchka / Head Honcho
16 Velha Guarda da Portela / Sabiá Cantador
17 DJ Dolores / Cala Cala
18 Soha / Ma Mélancolie
19 Sevara Nazarkhan / Kuyoshga
20 Valravn / Svend I Rosengaard




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