Wednesday, January 14, 2009

J'-DA Kut, Bar Vinyl @ Bar Vinyl

J' Da-Kut was laying down some Funk, Hip Hop, and Disco Jams down at Bar Vinyl Camden and our man Kulez went down to check the action.

Was a proper sick night! Free entry, cheap drink, especially during the happy hour got me licked. Despite it being the second Monday of 09, the turn out was still live. I recommend Bar Vinyl on a Monday if you’re up for a calm hip hop/ funk jam playing all the classics with your mates to recover from a mad weekend. Well that’s what I was there for.

It started off as old school hip hop from the 90s era, perfect to nod too and would keep your head ringing. As the night went on, I think I got too leery to realise which disc jockey was on, (no disrespect), but turntablism ranged from some hevi cuts to mixing records even I had forgotten about.

I look forward to the next one on the 19th which features Excentral Tempest and the live band.


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