Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 11 Podcast goes live

11 Jan podcast is live and it's the December 08 Tricksta / Urban Shop radio show. We have made a little change to the listings so so when you know look at the podcasts you can see a tracklisting for todays not the best layout so just need to look into XML to sort that

Kid Rad Feat Jabba Tha Kut ‘Everyday I See The Same Thing’
Sway ‘Say It Twice’
Lowkey ‘I’m Back’
LATE ‘Just Me’
Kashmere ‘Power Up’
Conspicuous The Coroner Feat Sir Smurf Lil & Cobane ‘Can You Hear It?!’
Blak Twang ‘We Gonna Win’
M9 ‘Strange Fruit’ (Chemo Remix)
Reain ‘Close The Curtain’
Million Dan ‘Scream Out’
Juttla ‘Dub Dragon’
Loefah & Skream ‘Fearless’
Emal Kay ‘Frequency’
Digital Mystikz ‘Ancient Memories’ (Skream Remix)
Barbarix ‘Jump Start’
D1 ‘Greazy’
Benga ‘Crunked Up’
Random Trio ‘Shoalin’
Tes La Rock ‘Mental Block’
Rusko ‘Acton Dread’

Jan 11 Podcast



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