Friday, February 06, 2009

Ever waited for a bus?

and then 3 come along all at once well that's what it feels like here. the last real delivery we had here was Xmas eve, we have had the odd style of jean or hoodie arrive but nothing to speak off until today when Rogue Status, Mighty Healthy and Diamond Supply Co. all dropped on the same day.

if you've never heard of these brands well all 3 are US based and have deep roots in streetwear or Skateboarding and have reached cult status in the US and other parts of the world.

Diamond Supply Co. leather belts are in they aint cheap but they are very nice, also the Brilliant Cut beanies as well as new Spring 09 t-shirt designs.

classic edgy t-shirt designs from Mighty Healthy

Rogue Status design are now in and for the first time we have full zip hoodies and crew neck sweatshirts to go with the Rogue Status t-shirts.

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