Friday, April 13, 2007

Apparel brand of the year

Matix has just announced that it’s been nominated as “apparel brand of the year” by the Surf Industry Manufacturer’s Assoc. “Apparel brand of the year” is awarded to the men’s apparel brand that feature the most exciting designs, increases it’s appeal and grew it’s business. Final winner is picked May.

2006, Matix’s Marc Sweaters tested the bounds of colour theory, Ashers redefined fleece construction and Matix continued to maintain the integrity of its denim collection by being nearly the last standing brand committed to the use of premium fabric made in the USA

With team members like Marc Johnson, Daewon Song, Jeremy Jones, and Gabe Kling all actively inspire Matix styling. The brand is aimed at young men, but is worn by men of all ages that appreciate timeless styling combined with quality fabrication.

Matix Clothing

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