Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There's an Hip Hop Connection

Hip Hop Connection is showing The Urban Shop and some of our mates big love see The Urban Shop Mixtape review above.

The Urban Shop Mixtape: "Street Level faves Tricksta and the Wolftown empire dominate this months box of street heat ‘Uk Runnings; The Urban Shop Mixtape’ is the latest spin off in the renowned ‘UKRunnings’ saga. A superb set assembled by Tricksta in association with The Urban Shop, the sizzling draws together fine music from TY, Blak Twang, Doc Brown and Supar Novar, among others. “ HHC

HHBRadio Midland based internet radio station: HHBRadio V2 hosted by Joe Gutta and mixed by DJ Vokal. “It pulls together a wealth of cuts from across the land, with songs from Blade, Mr Ti2bs and Late all hitting the spot.” HHC it goes on with another mention by Excalibah “If you’re after a cheeky trip underground the HHBRadio have put together their second compilation, ingeniously entitled ‘The Mix CD.’ It include contributions from established acts such as Blade, Karizma, Doc Brown, Mr Ti2bs, Conspicuous and TB as well as lesser know acts who are just as tight; Phoenix Quarter, Sonny Jim, Mr Drastik and Reload spring to mind. At 32 tracks deep this is a complete smorgasbord of talent from across the UK provided by one of the more auspicious online radio stations.” Excalibah for HHC

Don’t forget The Urban Shop radio on HHBRadio.com every Thursday 8-9pm GMT hosted by Tricksta.

UKRunnings 6: “Showing no signs of running out of steam, Tricksta’s mixtape series goes 6 deep with Conman acting as our gracious host and presiding over the usual high quality grab bag of home-grown hip hop. Like it’s predecessors it’s an effective showcase for UK rap’s current strength in depth, from the urgent sonic excursions of MD7 to the elastic mic manoeuvres of PLO (I go whole weeks with no sleep/ cos my clique got no sheep like Bo Peep) and cheeky chappy charisma of Mud Fam graduate Mr ti2bs.” HHC

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