Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fixed Gear Racing - Ambiguous

It is one of the most basic machines you can build with two wheels. A fixed-gear bike - or fixie - has no derailleur as it has only one gear, so as long as the wheels turn, so do the pedals. Its rider can't freewheel and the only way to brake is to stand on the pedals.

However, as the fixie craze has taken off so has the number of new riders who enter 'alleycats' - unofficial road races consisting of a series of checkpoints on a set route.

Alleycats originated in America and were organised for and by cycle couriers but now inexperienced riders participate. Matthew Manger-Lynch, 29, was killed in a collision with a four-wheel drive after running a red light. He was competing in an alleycat known as Tour Da Chicago. A similar race - the New York Monstertrack, normally the biggest annual alleycat in the US - was

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Anonymous Deadly Serious UK said...

Fixed gear racing is hot right now, with the WolfPac Hussle Crew in L.A. leading the movement over there.
Ambiguous has some sick gear out now with small detailing taken from racing. sturban clothing is always first on it for Streetwear

4:14 pm  

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