Monday, September 01, 2008

Interview with Carrot Clothing

Carrot Clothing can trace its roots back to 1999, a tumultuous time for its owner’s native Serbia. In a noble effort to uplift lagging spirits and voice personal concerns about freedom, he began printing t-shirts featuring anti-war messages. This move, landed him in jail and at the mercy of unforgiving local authorities for spreading allegedly “terrorist” policies, but that's all history

When did you start designing?
Back in ‘99. I printed t-shirts with anti war messages, mostly against establishment. Local authorities caught me and I was in jail for a six months…That is beginning of the Carrot story.

Whats the inspiration, idea, and or theme behind your upcoming seasonal release?
Actually I never plan themes for upcoming seasons. Lot of things inspire me these days.

Where do you think you would be right now if you weren't designing?
Probably a musician, at the moment I currently play in 2 different bands. But lot of familiar faces now are drug dealers or criminals…life is tough over here.

Where does your overall inspiration come from?
Like I said it is lot of things. Sometimes it is high fashion, sometimes it is street…lot of different things. No rules.

How long have you been designing? Do you have a team, and if so what’s everyones role in the designing process?
I designing for a 10 years right now. I have no team, but from time to time some of my friends Dalek, 123 Klan, Sieben make graphic for us.

Are there any other brands you would like to collorbate with?
Sure! Couple of days ago I spoke with Danny Boy from Dissizit! Also Eric Brunetti from FUCT promise us collaboration.

What designers or artist of any kind do you admire and why?
There are plenty of designs I respect. I would love to see 123 Klan design for Mark Jacobs…lol

Music also plays an essential role in the design process. So what are you currently listening to?
Artist ranging from Kanye West, Talib Kweli to John Buttler trio…

Does your clothing brand define streetwear fashion? If so how?
Streetwear styles do have one thing in common - individuality! In the end, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. “Streetwear” isn’t defined by what labels are rocked, but by who you are.

With every brand comes a signature logo & definition behind it. What is yours & what does it stand for?
Name & logo Carrot represent roots. Carrot Brand have strong root in street scene, which is not case with all companies I know.

Where do you see your clothing brand within the next year?
Right now we work on special project with 123 Klan - it is limited edition of sneaker. Sneaker scene is very interesting to us.

Do you have any advice for entreprenuers?

Yeah…have fun!



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