Monday, February 12, 2007

Skurban or is it Emo Hip Hop?

We keep an eye on fashion here and what’s happening in the world and it’s also interesting to see what the media comes up with, with it’s compulsion to categorise, pigeonhole and compartmentalise everything around them.

With the above in mind the crude and come up with ”emo hip hop” that’s hip hop heads in tight jeans for us in the know but there’s a new word on the block for those not content with emo hip hop or mash the word is a combination of skate and urban and so we have “Skurban”. The genius that came up with this obviously had to justify this new word and here come the explanation. The new fashion of Skurban was popularised by hip hop superstars such as Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell Williams or were both ex-skaters and have both dabbled with fashion. Pharrell must be know for his connection with Bape and later founding Ice Cream and BBC (not the TV channel).

So what typifies Skurban well as far as we can see it’s pretty much just the development of clothing but lets humour them, so it’s now all about tighter fitting clothing ie jeans not so baggy and tops hat fit instead of XXXL the other really important thing is colourful prints and we’d like to add all over prints.

So that all said at The urban Shop we have noticed jeans getting tighter for about 4 season that 2 years but they still aint tight unless you go for that killer emo look and we don’t really have any of them our jeans have now gone from phat or relaxed to trim fit and there as been a definite move form XL to people buying their size with emo a size smaller. A design feature that we have been rocking for a while though has to be all over and colourful prints and you will see more coming in for spring/summer.

Brands to try if your looking for that Skurban look jeans, Mada, Insight, Atticus and RVCA (arriving any day) tops Schwipe, Insight and King Apparel

Here'sa n interview with Pharrel for CBS news it was working at time of publishing Ice Cream Skate Interview

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